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Qualify as a High Performance Personal Trainer for £19.20 Per Month

Not only is the course the most in-depth PT Diploma in the UK, but it is also the most accessible at just £19.20 per month.


Overview - The High Performance PT Diploma

GSquared’s carefully curated High Performance Personal Training Diploma features bolted on elements to ultimately supercharge the course.

In addition to Level 2 and Level 3, as standard, GSquared Academy students also receive a series of 'Success' videos; a very powerful business knowledge component, plus an introduction to the ‘7 Point Functional Movement Screen’ - an in-depth way of assessing a PT clients’ movement efficiency.

And finally, what really gives the GSquared Academy student the edge is the High Performance bolt on Certificate; their own creation that has developed over the years and takes elements of everything from personal development, advanced holistic protocols, programme design, nutrition, business, assessments and much more and wraps it all together for an additional course module.


The Course That's Changing the Game for Aspiring Personal Trainers

If you're here to get into Personal Training, this course will give you the best possible start. With this combined diploma, you will attain your Level 2 Fitness Instructor Certification and your Level 3 Personal Training Certification, and you'll also achieve a High Performance certification created and trademarked by GSquared Academy, making sure you gain instant credibility with your clients and colleagues when you hit the ground running in your new career.

You can't get this level of certification from any other provider as the High Performance module was created by our team of industry leading PT's, and trademarked to safeguard the intel for our students.

This course is designed to give you every possible chance of living your dream job without the need to make any compromises - study around commitments at a pace that suits you, manage your finances with flexible payment options and gain the highest level of certification on the market created by industry experts who've lived what they teach - all for an incredibly affordable price. By taking our diplomas fully online, we've been able to offer an even more cost effective option for both one-time payments or a more affordable pay-monthly instalment option.


Level 2 Certification

  • Health, Safety & Welfare in a fitness environment
  • Know how to support clients who take part in exercise and physical activity
  • Principles of exercise, fitness and health
  • Anatomy & Physiology
    Planning gym-based exercise
  • Delivering gym-based exercise

Level 3 Certification

  • Anatomy and physiology for exercise and health
  • Applying the principles of nutrition to a physical activity
  • Programming Personal Training with Clients
  • Delivering Personal Training sessions

Additional Benefits and Support

  • Additional webinars based on High Performance PT content
  • A written reference you can use for you portfolio upon completion of your Diploma
  • 5 Steps to Success Video Training
  • 7 Point Functional Movement Screen Video Training
  • A trade account with Nutri-Advanced
  • 10% Discount from the Remedy Kitchen and Cafe
  • The GSquared stamp of approval
  • Additional assessment to formally achieve the title of High Performance Personal Trainer



What has to change to make the transition to becoming a successful Personal Trainer?

 The Answer - you. 

What if everything around you right now was a representation of your thinking, frequency and level of consciousness. Are you really awake and alert to life? The outcomes you get in life are merely a mirror reflection of what it is you've told yourself you are going to struggle with, and what you can accomplish. 

We literally furnish our world in direct correlation to what you are thinking, expecting, assuming, judging, perceiving, attracting, allowing, refuting.  All these verbs all have one thing in common, they are all controlled by you. 

But what part of you? It's sadly not the part of the brain that knows, but rather the part of your brain that controls. Controlled by what? 

By paradigms and programmes that have helped your form your Reticular Activating System (RAS). Most programmes you operate with will be somebody else's, and you'll have inherited them. Perhaps parents, friends, social group, teachers, or otherwise.  

If you're not where you want to be and you 'feel' trapped, then its time to assess these paradigms. I can make this easy for you by proving you with a compelling answer or response to each question or fear you have about a career as a PT. Still, ultimately its an inside job and you have to go inside and make the changes to conquer the programmes that no longer serve or work for your desired new life. 

With that said, let me get you off to a good start by providing you with those compelling responses to some of the most asked questions from individuals wishing to become a PT.



How do I get started? 

Naturally, you've got to get qualified. This is your starting point, but of course, you'll be wondering how you're going to get clients during or even before your studies. We explain in-depth exactly how to acquire clients from a standing start whether you are working in a gym, a studio or looking to operate out of peoples homes or your own. However, in the short term you may want to read our compelling report - The 3 Step Kickstart, this will give you an immediate insight as to how to build a client base as well as smashing the interview for any PT role (self-employed or employed) that you may go for. 


What if I cant get clients? 

We include a 5 Steps To Success video series in the High-Performance PT Diploma. If you aren't getting clients, it will typically be 1 of any 3 of these 5 areas causing you to trip up. Simply watch the video series over, the videos are only short and study where you feel you need to improve. It either comes down to not being able to secure enough consultations for yourself or not having a strong enough close when it comes to selling your service. Just focus on building as many justifications as possible as to why somebody would need your PT product, and you are on the right path. 


Is it really the right time to start this? 

Not only is it the right time, but it's also the perfect time. Never has there been a light shined so intensely on the nation's health since now. This is a time where people genuinely need help and support as well as the accurate and relevant information and knowledge to help them achieve their health and fitness goals. But even more important than this is the fact that you as a PT can actually make big shifts with somebody's health and lifestyle outside of the gym too. What we teach you on the High-Performance PT Diploma is how to address sleep issues, lower back pain, postural distortions, IBS and a whole host of other modern-day problems that get people down. This is how far the rabbit hole goes when it comes to PT, and this is what no other PT Diploma will teach you. 


Is the industry not saturated already? 

The industry is disproportionate in the number of health clubs and gyms in the UK right now which number over 9000 and the number of PT's operating in and outside of them. Surprisingly the average uptake of Personal Training in gyms across the UK is approximately 5%. That's 5% of member's engaged in the services of a PT, so from the 10million members engaged in a gym membership only 525,000 have Personal Training. The trend has consistently shown the number of members and number of gyms increasing over the last 10 years. If the PT % stayed at 5%, this would still grow commensurately to the continued rise in memberships as well as the general increase in more people doing something to enhance their quality of life through exercise, nutrition, health and or movement. 


I've heard that a lot of PT's fail, is this true and why? 

Sadly many PTs do fail because of 3 fundamental reasons. The first reason is that Level 3 theory on its own is simply not enough to understand how to build a PT business. This is one of the main reasons we supercharged our Diploma with all the bolt on's and additions to truly equip you for success. The second reason is the lack of training around business, selling and closing and how to do this quickly and efficiently to build a client base and get the income coming in. Once again, we've added plenty of business training and coaching to our diploma to ensure you know exactly how to sell your product and how to complete a powerful consultation. 



Apply today to book your place on our High Performance Personal Training Diploma for just £19.20 per month.

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GSquared Academy’s High-Performance PT Diploma is an intensely amplified version of the awarding body Level 3 qualification - the standard entry level for Personal Training.

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