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PT Outsourcing, Recruitment and Development

With no cost and no risk to yourself, we bring an added value
to any facility regardless of the established level of coaching.

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What We Do

When it comes to the responsibility that a Personal Trainer is entrusted with; the most valuable commodity any one of us will ever possess; our health, we take that level of accountability seriously by providing the qualified PTs that we screen and recruit for your facility with additional advanced holistic health protocols to guarantee incredible results with your valued members.

Nationally, the NAPTP has mentors located across the UK. These individuals work with NAPTP while also maintaining their own PT businesses, making them perfectly aligned to give the relevant, up to the minute, and accurate guidance in line with the established processes and protocols the NAPTP utilises to provide the best chances of success for each contracted PT.

How We Can Help You

Rapidly and significantly increase income for your facility from Personal Training revenue.
We have taken some facilities as high as 30% of their total monthly income from Personal Training rent.
Increase the retention of your members.
Improving the overall coaching standards, generating sustainable results in holistic health, your members will attribute your facility to their quality of life and overall performance.
Create a solid buy-in to your facility.
Enhancing the cohesion and synergy amongst the Personal Trainers is crucial to encouraging an empathic and harmonious culture.

With no cost and no risk to yourself, we bring an added value to any facility regardless of the established level of coaching.

Arrange a Complimentary Site Audit

Maximise your revenue and retention


You choose the service option, and we get to work immediately;



With this straight forward offering we solely source the right PT’s for you.

Having taken them through our 3 Stage process you will receive the full report which breaks down our findings as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the PT to give you an idea of where their personal development needs to be directed.


Recruitment Plus option is the most popular option for our clients. 

This includes the comprehensive and rapid recruitment process with the addition of Quality Control of the PT, development, support and all compliance matters surrounding the correct process of self employed PT’s.


The full immersion includes the creation of a bespoke member journey, serving as an additional value-add to the membership of the facility.

It can be used as an excellent retention tool for your facility, focusing on holistic health (posture, movement function, spinal health, lifestyle protocols).

Our Key Performance Indicators

We understand that no one size fits all. For too long, similar PT Recruitment or Management companies have attempted to make the facility work around their PT model instead of taking bespoke requirements and building a unique model for the facility while maintaining an infrastructure. 
£20k p/m
Rental income from Personal Trainers can be up to £20k per month, per site.
We aim to have at least 15% of your members engaged in PT, up to as high as 30%.
By improving the standard of PT, and inductions, we can increase your member retention by 5-50%.
Save £
By maximising and enhances your PT team, you can save costs on Studio & Service Delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your services cost?

There is no cost to our services, and we carry all the risk, given our business model is based on us generating and creating the results, which are essentially the agreed metrics between us both.

How can you guarantee we will get the PTs?

The first step is to agree on how many PTs you want or need; this has to be based on a realistic PT% penetration of your facility, which is primarily driven by the number of members within the club. Once we agree on this number, we will trigger multiple recruitment processes to ensure we hit the agreed number. 

We’ve used other PT Management companies and weren’t happy; what makes you different?

We understand other PT Management companies exist, and where they use support measures, we use development methods to create self-starting PTs with initiative, loyalty to the facility and excellent customer service.

Having managed, supported and developed PTs as far back as 2003, we have become highly proficient in this process and have a nationwide network of mentors.

We are also well-versed in transitions, given the frequency of operators wishing to switch PT Management companies. 

What control do we have over the process?

As much or as little as you wish, we respect your facility, and integration is essential. Typically weekly meetings can be set to ensure all points are raised, and we also include specific sessions with PTs with which any facility representative is welcome to attend.  sessions with PTs with which any facility representative is welcome to attend. 

How do you calculate the number of Personal Trainers you'll be recruiting for my facility?

1. We assess and confirm the possible PT% uptake of your facility.

2. An average client yield of 1.5 hours per week is used to ascertain the required client: pt ratio.

3. Next, we calculate the total no. of PTs possible, taking the target % penetration and client yield into consideration.

Why can't we do this ourselves?

With our dedicated focus, time and energy on working to recruit and develop the PTs rapidly, we are confident both the growth and the retention of the PTs will be quicker with our input and processes.

In addition, as trained Clinical Nutritionist’s, FDN Practitioners, movement and posture specialists, our ‘Real people, real results’ campaign in which we coach the PT on the advanced holistic protocols will create a high standard of PT practitioners.

Operationally with our 4-Point member retention plan, we actively focus on retaining your members and recruiting and developing the PT.

At every stage, we will look to remain synergised, integrated and cohesive with the direction of your business and the initiatives you wish to roll out.

Finally, our understanding of the psychology of a Personal Trainer and what is needed to develop them personally and professionally is second to none.

We had an incredible experience working with NAPTP... They increased our PT uptake to 30% in our high-end facility within 3 months, improving member retention and satisfaction.

Our PT Team were also trained to deliver an incredible member introduction consultation, which we offer as part of our membership.

We experienced an immediate difference in engagement of our members, training frequency and effort to use our facilities in a more mindful way.

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